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Two submissions on WS-REST 2012 Workshop accepted


The submissions "Case Study: Extracting a Resource Model from an Object-Oriented Legacy Application" of Christoph Szymanski and Silvia Schreier as well as "RESTify: From RPCs to RESTful HTTP Design" of Jakob Strauch and Silvia Schreier have been accepted for the Third International Workshop on RESTful Design. This workshop is hosted by the 21st International World Wide Web Conference, which will held in April, 2012 in Lyon (France).

The first article is a result of the finished thesis of Christoph Szymanski on the topic "Modellierung und Umsetzung eines REST-konformen Webservice im SAP Cloud-Computing-Umfeld für die Verwaltung virtueller Test-Systeme". The second article is based on the ongoing thesis of Jakob Strauch on the topic "Vorgehensmodell zur iterativen Schnittstellen-Migration von SOAP zu RESTful HTTP".